Friday, July 28, 2006

because i'm bored at a job that i will be leaving in 6 days...

All of the ladies in the world that have been blessed (read: BLESSED) with small chests should be thankful. My huge boobs and I went shopping for a swimsuit today, and it was a horrendous experience. I found a couple of potential winners after sifting through the picked over swimsuits and brought them to the dressing room, hopes high that I would find the perfect one for me.

I was wrong. Out of the three suits I tried on, only one was decent enough for me to wear in public. The two offensive suits fit fine on the bottoms, but my boobs were falling out of the tops and I would surely be arrested if I was to wear them in public. Boobs everywhere. The third suit (which I ended up buying just because it was the best of the three and not because it was perfect) was, admittedly, a little better, but the top pushes my boobs up to my neck and I'm hoping that I'm able to keep "the ladies" under control whilst at the pool this weekend.

Of course, the reason that I needed to go shopping for a swim suit at all is because it's supposed to be, like, 99 degrees here this weekend. The only acceptable outdoor activity will be to swim in the pool at the hotel we will be staying at. Ugh. Well, that and the other swimsuit I own was purchased before my daughter was born, and, frankly, my body has changed so much since then that the swimsuit just looks at me and laughs. Bastard.

Job alert: As I stated in an earlier blog entry, I am leaving my current job next week. I promised myself that I would remain interested and active in my current job until the bitter end, but I find myself breaking that promise. I have spent nearly all afternoon today reading The Onion online and joking around with my coworkers. Truth is, I'm not really interested anymore and I've already mentally checked out. It's going to be a long week next week.

Grace alert: Grace has begun speaking in (nearly) complete sentences, and it's the cutest damn thing. Her latest thing is watching someone do something and then saying, "I'll try." I hope she maintains that positive attitude throughout her life, because I certainly want her to be willing to try new things and experience what's out there. Yay for Gracie!!

Happy Friday!!