Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Weird nostalgia

I just had a brief moment in which I actually felt a bit sad about leaving my current job. It was very strange. I was in the restroom, doing what people do in restrooms, and I had a flashback to my pregnancy. I was horribly sick for almost my entire pregnancy, and since I spend more than nine hours a day at work, that sickness was bound to run over into my time at work. So, I spent many a morning (or afternoon) during my pregnancy in that restroom, face pressed to the cold concrete floor, trying desperately to somehow alleviate the oppressive nausea I felt. And then I would come out and head back to my cube, and my friend Beth would give me that kind, knowing, sympathetic look and I would feel a little better.

I guess maybe it's not the restroom I'll's the feelings and memories that certain things trigger that are making me feel a little nostalgic. Most of my friends have moved onto new jobs and new opportunities, but part of me longs for those crazy Friday afternoons with Lance telling stories about his childhood or hearing Jack's loud, boisterous laugh from down the hall or laughing at one of Todd's off-color jokes. I have lived through some extraordinary times while working here...I've had a child, tragedy came into my life and then exited, relationships have ended, new relationships have blossomed, and the constant through all of it has been this place. I'm excited for my new opportunity, but at the same time, my life will never be quite the same again.