Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Problem With The World

I've figured out what the problem is with the world. Ready??

It's celebrity gift bags. Yep.

So I was watching Ellen this afternoon, and let me just start out by saying that I love Ellen. I really do. She does a lot of really nice things for people that need help, she donates gobs of money, she's an advocate for animals, and let's face it, she's hilarious. But today I had Ellen on in the background while I was doing some baking (vegan oatmeal cranberry cookies...mmm...) (also, how freaking DOMESTIC am I?), and as Ellen was chatting with one of her guests, the subject of the celebrity gift bag came up. They were talking about the guest's gift bag and Ellen asked her if there was enough stuff in it. And I was all like, "WHAT?!? Celebrities get a gift bag for appearing on a talk show?!? THIS IS WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE WORLD!!"

Ok, so I guess I knew about this whole gift bag thing, but it just struck me today. As we are in the midst of the health care reform passage (yay comrades!!), I find myself listening to person after person talking about how they can't afford health care for their children, and here we are giving celebrities, PEOPLE WHO ARE ALREADY MILLIONAIRES, gift bags, just for being on a talk show for ten minutes?!? Gift bags full of expensive crap that the average person will never be able to afford?!?!?! Am I the only person who thinks that this is outrageous?!! More exclamation points!!!!

I should just calm down and have another one of those tasty cookies that I made. But seriously? Give me a break. Skip the gift bags and spend the money on something that really matters.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Harrison's first word...

As I play this video, he's sitting next to me, saying, "Hi!" And yes, he is the most adorable little boy ever.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Ugh. Just...Ugh

Ok, so we all know that Harrison is a crappy sleeper...blah, blah, blah...he doesn't sleep through the night STILL...yadda, yadda, yadda...he takes naps in 20 to 30-minute increments most days. After yet another 20-minute session of trying to put H down for a nap, which involved some rocking, some back rubbing, about 5 minutes of letting him cry, and then another 5 minutes of rubbing his back and singing to him, I decided to take a look at one of my go-to websites,, to find out what the "experts'" views are on dealing with a 1 year old who still wakes up several times. Here's what I found:

C H I L D W O N ' T S T A Y A S L E E P
Mindell's viewAs long as you're putting your child to sleep on his own at bedtime, it's all right to do what you think will help him go back to sleep, such as rocking him or pacing the floor until he falls asleep. As long as his bedtime routine is consistent, night waking should diminish in a few weeks. If this doesn't work, you'll have to resort to a checking routine: Stay in your child's room for a brief time, keep contact neutral, and don't pick him up. Leave and return in five-minute intervals, gradually increasing the time you're gone. Read more about Mindell.
Ferber's viewMake sure your child falls asleep alone — without you, a pacifier, or a bottle. If he won't stay asleep, try letting him cry for progressively longer intervals of time, starting at five minutes, increasing to 10, and so on. Between intervals, you can spend about two to three minutes with your child, reassuring him by talking to him and possibly patting him on the back. Don't pick him up or rock him. Read more about Ferber.
The AAP's viewDon't pick up your child or bring him to your room. He needs to learn to put himself back to sleep, even if it means crying a bit first. Comfort him for a short time, and continue to return briefly every five to 10 minutes until he falls asleep. Read more about the AAP.
Brazelton's viewBreak into your child's sleep rhythm by waking him up before your bedtime. Love and cuddle him, feed him if necessary, and put him down again, reassuring him that you're there. Be firm, and make sure you're following all your familiar bedtime rituals. Read more about Brazelton.
Be flexible. Don't let your child cry it out; instead, try to find the source of his wakefulness (such as a dirty diaper, hunger, upset routines during the day, a stuffy nose, or even irritating pajamas). Increase his daytime attachment to you and let Dad play the role of nighttime co-comforter so both parents can help their child fall back to sleep. If your child has been a consistent sleeper but is going through a big development spurt, expect him to wake up more often at night. When this happens, try to get him back to sleep without taking him out of his crib. Instead, pat his back, talk to him soothingly, and sing. You can also consider taking him into your own bed. Read more about Sears.

(found at

So what the hell am I supposed to do, exactly?

I'd like to add an opinion please...

Kohlbeck's view: Take your baby to the bedroom when he appears tired. Rock him gently until his eyes begin to close. Get up to put him into crib NO WAIT he's awake again so rock him some more until he smiles at you and starts sticking his fingers in your mouth to perform some sort of joyous dental exam then sigh loudly and put him BACK into crib and walk out of room as baby starts to scream. Listen to baby scream for approximately 5 minutes while pacing the floor outside the bedroom door and chastising yourself for bring a TERRIBLE PARENT then go back into bedroom and lay sobbing, drippy-nosed baby back down in crib and rub his back while chanting, "It's ok, Mommy's here," until he FINALLY drifts off. Crawl on all fours toward bedroom door so as not to wake sleeping baby. And when he wakes up in 20 minutes, decide if he's still tired and if he is, repeat. Do this twice a day at nap time, then again once each night at bed time. Purchase a case of Two Buck Chuck and figure out how to maintain a good sense of humor. When all else fails, bring baby into bed with you and spend the night tossing and turning as baby monopolizes entire bed and kicks you and digs his little toenails into your back and occasionally pulls your hair or punches you in the face, just for fun. Wave to and smile at your spouse who's WAAAAAY over on the other side of the bed.