Monday, July 17, 2006

Diet Food

If you're like me, you've been struggling with your weight for most of your adult life. (And, if you're not like me, you should stop reading this and get down on your knees and thank God. Then have a cupcake for the love of Pete.) Being that it's a Monday today and I have been making poor food choices as of late, I decided to start yet another diet today. I grabbed a Healthy Choice french bread pizza this morning when I left for work and was actually getting excited about eating it. Pizza's good, right? Yay for diet pizza!!

Promptly at noon, I popped the pizza into the toaster oven, waited with baited breath for the cheese to get all bubbly and melty, and then promptly inhaled said pizza in roughly 30 seconds. Afterwards, I felt cheated. I'M STILL HUNGRY! Should I run out and grab a little something else to eat? It seems to me that doing that would ruin the good I did by eating the diet pizza. I'm left in quite a pickle. (Ugh! Food reference!!)

My problem is that I LOVE to eat. It's a social experience for me. I love eating and talking to friends and simply enjoying myself. I love and appreciate good food, especially sweets and carbs. I eat when I'm happy, when I'm stressed out, when I'm sad, and when there's nothing better to do.

Seems to me that the only thing diet food does for me is tease my stomach into thinking that more is coming when in fact there's nothing else on the way. I could never get on board with the people that say, "Eat this salad--it's filling." No it's not. It's a salad. Now ice cream with M&M's on the top...that's filling!!

Ah, hell. Maybe I'll give this nectarine a shot and see what it does for me.