Monday, January 12, 2009

30 Weeks

Assuming I deliver on my due date (which is highly unlikely, but could happen), I am 75% of the way through my pregnancy. A few stats, then:

-Weight gained to date: 24 pounds (this includes the mysterious 2-pound weight loss that occurred over Christmas). If I gain a pound a week from here on out, I will come in under the 35 pound weight limit for preggos and I will also have gained less weight than I did with Gracie. I've gained more than I hoped to, but hey, WHATEVER.

-Belly measurement: 33.5 centimeters as of last week Thursday--measuring a few weeks big. We'll see how we come in this week.

-Number of baby names tossed around: countless

-Number of baby names making the final cut: far. I think we have our list whittled down to our top two favorite names and I think we *may* have settled on The One, but Aaron and I are both prone to a little indecisiveness so we'll see. And, I'm so not telling what the name is till baby names his debut. Tater will suffice for now.

-Last blood pressure reading: 147/90. However, Dr. Fab called today with test results and there are no signs of actual preeclampsia, so the official diagnosis as of right now is gestational hypertension.

-Number of women who develop preeclampsia after having been diagnosed with GH at 30 weeks or less: 1 in 2 *biting fingernails*

Other than the BP issues, my third trimester hasn't been so bad thus far. I am getting quite a bit more uncomfortable which makes sleeping more difficult, and the lack of sleep and discomfort breed other issues like an overall increase in my crankiness and the occasional (ok, constant) crippling fatigue, but at least I'm not puking daily like I was during my third trimester with Gracie.

Speaking of Grace...she is SO excited to meet her little brother. She has had the opportunity to feel Tater kicking a few times, and she really got a kick (ha!) out of that. Now she will come up and put her hand on my belly and wait patiently for Tater to kick and if he doesn't, she'll tell me that he must be taking a nap, and if she DOES feel him kick, her eyes widen in surprise and delight and she starts giggling uncontrollably. She also will walk up to my belly on occasion and give it a pat and a kiss and say, "I love you, baby." So sweet. I'm not sure how she will react when the baby is actually here, but she certainly loves her little brother already and can't wait to be able to play with him, and that makes me very, very happy. It's so cool to be able to share this with her.

I am scheduled for a 3-D ultrasound on Wednesday, so more photos to come!! Maybe I'll even manage to snap a pic of my growing belly and post that as well...


Carrie said...

3D! Fancy!

You know, I think the journey of accepting the new baby took about a year for Nutmeg. At first she was very rattled. Middle of the night, random tantrums, comments that we should send the baby back or give her away. Pebbles didn't make it any easier; every time we took a car ride she would scream the whole time and of course that was right in poor Nutmeg's ear.

But one day, I jokingly asked Nutmeg if we should leave Pebbles at the doctor or wherever, and she reacted with horror. "She's our baby! I love her!" Even so, they went through a long period -- probably most of the second year -- when there was a lot of fighting. Nutmeg can be a pusher and a hitter, and she would take her frustrations out on Pebbles. In the past few months, though, I see a lot of hugging. They play together constantly. IN fact, when Nutmeg was sick this weekend, I felt like Pebbles was being unusually needy -- until it hit me that she was just asking us to play with her because she didn't have her usual playmate.

Bert said...

I'd love to see a photo of that growing belly! I hope you continue to be happy and healthy!