Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Music to My Ears

Tonight, upon arriving home from running errands:

Grace: What are we doing now?

Me: We're going inside to watch Sesame Street then we're going to bed.

Grace: Then what are we doing?

Me: Well, after we wake up in the morning, we're going to school.

Grace: Yay! I want to go to school EVERY SINGLE DAY!!

Needless to say, the kiddo is loving her new big kid school. She comes home everyday singing new songs, telling me all about her "cool new friends", and reliving all of the exciting events that took place that day. I told Grace tonight that I used to love going to school when I was little, and she said, "Oh, me too, Mama. School is SO COOL!!" Music to my ears, kiddo.


Carrie said...

I'm jealous. First week of school has been all about the drama for Nutmeg. She still thinks we're gonna let her be a preschool dropout.

Angie said...

i say those same things everyday! (except i usually add a curse word and usually i'm just kidding.)

i'm glad to hear gracie loves her new school! she's off to a great start!