Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Ok, I'm about to reveal one of my deepest, darkest secrets, so hold on to yer eyebrows are naturally almost totally white, so for most of my adult life, I have been shading them in with a brow pencil.

I feel so much better now.

So, tonight I went to this new hair salon in Brookfield to have my hair colored, and my stylist asked me, "Have you ever considered having your brows tinted?" Honestly, I have considered that at least once a day for the past several years, usually when I am standing in the mirror in the morning painstakingly trying to ensure that my penciling-in job is even and looks relatively natural. And, whenever I have my hair colored I always worry that my brows will be way too light.

All of you with nice, normal, dark eyebrows never knew you had it so good.

So, I said to my stylist, "What the hell? Go for it." And she did. And for the first time in my 30 years on this planet, I can actually distinguish my eyebrows from the rest of my face.

Here is what the top part of my face looks like with actual eyebrows.

Yeah, pretty shocking. Aaron didn't know I was having this done, so when I got home tonight, HIS eyebrows shot up in surprise and he said, "Wow. Your whole face looks different." And then he went out for a beer. I hope the two instances are not related.


1 said...

lolololol - i'm dying here - i love you - hahahaha :)

Emily Moertl said...

that last comment was me :)

Bert said...

Being one of the aforementioned people with naturally dark eyebrows, I officially welcome you to our club! (Of course, these is a down side. I've been plucking little black hairs from... well, let's just say a whole lot of body parts... since I was about 13 years old.)

angie said...

do you want me to dye your eyebrows next time? i'm sure i'd do a good job. i've got lots of practice! :)