Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Harrison: Eight Weeks

Dear Harry:

I'm not sure if I should be posting your two-month letter today or are eight weeks old today, but your official two-month birthday is Saturday since Saturday is the 25th. I decided to go ahead and write it today because you're napping soundly right now and I actually have a free moment, and Saturday is the day before your baptism and we're having fifteen people over for a party on Sunday, so I'll be busy cleaning the house on Saturday. Today it is. I'll rethink it next month.

Eight weeks ago right now, I was in the throes of a very difficult labor, but as I stare at you sleeping so peacefully, I can't even remember the pain that I felt. It's strange how any memory of the pain disappears...I know I had pain, but I couldn't retell how it felt. What I do remember from that day eight weeks ago, though, was the feeling that I had the first moment that I saw you, and I can tell you that the love that I felt at that moment has only grown over the past two months.

You're growing by leaps and bounds. When I look at photos from those first few days after you were born and then I look at you now, I have a hard time believing it's the same little boy. In fact, you have already gained almost four full pounds since you were born. You have been eating four to six ounces at each feeding, and thanks to the fact that you're eating more, you're also sleeping for longer stretches at night. You enjoy your last bottle of the day around 10pm and then you're only up once during the night to eat (usually between 2am and 3am), and for that, Mommy and Daddy thank you. We're not the zombies that we were just a few weeks ago.

You're doing lots of really cool things. You hold your head up for a long time when you're on your belly. You kick your little legs like you're riding a bicycle when you're excited. You're also starting to notice things. You follow us with your eyes. You turn your head to find us when one of us is taking. You love to go outside and take in what is happening in the world around you. You love it when we hold you in our laps and talk to you and sing to just sit with us, contentedly, and listen to us and stare at us and take it all in. Occasionally, you coo back at us, and every now and then, we even get the precious gift of a little smile from you. You smiled at your big sister yesterday, and you made her day. We can't wait to see those smiles more often.

My little man, you're truly a special, wonderful little dude. I can't wait to watch you keep growing.