Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Baby Brain: A Continuation

So, I thought Baby Brain would disappear after having my baby, but it would appear as though I thought wrong. A snippet of the odd things I have done recently, all of which I am chalking up to a nasty continuation of Baby Brain:

-Feeding Grace Oreo Cakester cookies for breakfast this morning. This is SO out of character for me that when I told Aaron what Grace ate for breakfast, he looked at me like I had just told him that I had a change of heart and now think Rush Limbaugh is wicked cool.

-Spending a good five minutes trying to figure out the meaning of the acronym "LMAO". Normally I am pretty adept at figuring out these cute little, uh, acronyms, but for some strange reason I couldn't wrap my brain around this one until I read a comment on another blog where "LMAO" was in the context of a sentence and I was all like, "Oooooooooooooooh. I get it."

-Attempting to balance a large ceramic plate on top of a tortilla warmer. Actually, I was attempting to place the plate on top of that little circular handle that's on the cover of a tortilla warmer (to make more room at our table) and for some reason it didn't register with me that plate was probably twenty times the size of the handle and setting the plate on top of it would surely end in disaster. Luckily, Aaron saw all of this happening just as the plate was teetering off of the tortilla warmer and caught it before it had a chance to smash to bits on the tile floor of the Mexican restaurant we were eating at. Then he gave me that look again.

-Forgetting to shampoo my hair while showering. I get three, maybe four showers a week these days (if I'm lucky) so you'd think I'd remember to wash my hair with each shower. However, I didn't remember to wash my hair until AFTER I had completed my shower this morning. In fact, I had already dried off and was getting dressed before I realized what I had forgotten. So, I had to get undressed and climb back into the shower so I could quickly wash my hair before Aaron could figure out what was happening. Didn't want to get The Look again. Although I'm pretty sure I'm gonna get it as soon as he reads this.

Combine all of this with the zillions of times I have lost my train of thought in mid-sentence or forgotten what's been on my grocery list or lost my keys/cell phone recently and I am convinced that my brain still hasn't bounced back from pregnancy. What the hell? When am I going to get my brain back?


Carrie said...

If it's any consolation, I have definitely been at my most absent minded during the newborn period of each of my kids. Much worse than during pregnancy. I remember leaving a whole 12-pack of beer at the bottom of the shopping cart at the store (alas!) and more. Actually, I just recently drove home over a mile from a grocery store only to realize that I'd left the groceries there, so maybe it never goes away. Sigh.

LWWB said...

what is LMAO?

Sara said...

i think it's "laughed my ass off" but i'm still not 100% sure.