Monday, March 30, 2009

Summer Dreams...

After our first, largely unsuccessful attempt at having a vegetable garden last year, we are rethinking and replanning and restructuring with hopes that this year's garden will yield more veggies and less heartache. (We did learn a lot last year, like how you shouldn't wait until mid-June to plant and we did end up with a couple of HUGE cucumbers, so it wasn't a total loss.) Aaron has been busy planning out the garden and since we live in Wisconsin and our backyard currently looks like this:

we decided to go ahead and purchase some seed starter kits and get the garden started indoors now. A couple of weekends ago, Aaron and Grace planted beans and cukes and peppers in one of the kits, and already we are seeing some results.

Aaron and Grace finished planting the remaining four seed kits yesterday afternoon, so now we have our very own indoor garden growing in our living room.

All of this planting has kicked my cabin fever into overdrive. Yesterday afternoon our dining room smelled of fresh soil and all I could think of was kicking off my shoes and socks and walking around barefoot in the warm grass. I can't wait to be able to take these fledgling little plants out of these kits and get them into the ground outside, and I really can't wait to be able to pick and eat some tasty fresh veggies out of our garden.


Anonymous said...

Aw man, I hear ya! I just used our last dried cayenne pepper can't wait to get out in the garden. My cabin fever is in overdrive this year, I'm going crazy. Warm thoughts to the Kohlbecks!

Carrie said...

Good for you! I also had ambitions of starting seeds indoor this year, but being busy and travel seem to have gotten in the way. Maybe we'll plant a few late ones next week.
Wow, you got some snow this week, huh?

Sara said...

Oh yeah, we got like 8 inches of snow on Saturday/Sunday. Yuck. At least it's above freezing so it's all melting...gotta love Spring in WI.