Sunday, March 01, 2009


Well, we got to bring Harrison home today, which is a day earlier than our pediatrician had predicted. Harry took to feeding yesterday and we were able to pull his NG tube last night, so he has been eating now for almost 48 hours without any supplementation via the tube. Yay!! We are still not breastfeeding, as little Harry is tongue-tied and isn't able to form a good seal at the breast, but I have been pumping every three hours and Aaron has been feeding him with a bottle, so I suppose that is the next best thing.

Harrison is on a bili-bed due to having jaundice, but hopefully we will be able to get rid of that in the next few days, especially since he has been eating and pooping so well. It sucks having him on that bed all day and not being able to hold him as much as I would like to, but then again, I'm just glad to have him home.

I'm feeling a little dazed...last week at this time we were heading home from our baby shower at my parents' house, completely unaware of what would be coming, and today I am here at home with my new baby and Aaron and Gracie, and so, so much has happened in the past several days. I'll start getting the story down here as we get acclimated to life at home with a newborn and a prekindergartner.

I also turned 31 today. Having my family all at home together tonight is the best birthday gift I could have ever asked for.


Carrie said...

Epu says hooray for good pooping! Good for little Harrison learning to eat -- we can already tell he's brilliant.
Hope A is taking good care of you because all that pumping will wear a girl out. I will say, though, that if you can keep it up long enough for him to learn to nurse, it is so worth it. Nursing makes life easier in a million ways.
Then again, if it doesn't come to pass, you already know from Gracie that you can bond and all that just fine. All they need is love (and diapers, and nutrition, and round-the-clock vigilance, and soothing, and and and ...).
Yay you guys!

Angie said...

I'm so relieved to hear that he's home and doing well. Happy belated birthday my love. What a wonderful birthday gift for you.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sara! And lots of well wishes to you and your family as you get settled in.