Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Yep, I Changed My Blog Layout...Again

I wasn't a big fan of the three-column format of my previous blog layout--the reading pane was too narrow and all of the scrolling was annoying to me, so I got me a new layout, and I like it.


Dyed my hair tonight AND had my eyebrows tinted today. It's been a big day for me. Thankfully, this time when I came home with darker eyebrows, Aaron did NOT look at me and say, "Your face looks different," and then proceed to go to the bar. Tonight, he told me that they look nice and gave me a kiss on the forehead. I like that reaction much better. Granted, the tint that Joey the salon boy used this time was much lighter and therefore the change was much less drastic, but it was still nice to have a positive reaction from the hubs. Not sure about the hair color yet, hair is still wet and piled under a towel, and Aaron just touched the towel with one of Grace's magic wands and simultaneously said, "Your hair is purple," so I'm a little afraid to look under the towel. Photos are forthcoming.


Today is the second full day of the new diet plan, and so far, things are going all right. My one major slip up thus far was supper tonight. Aaron suggested hitting Cafe Lulu for supper, and the self-discipline part of my brain shut down and all I could think of was sangrias and Bleu Lulu chips, so I acquiesced and the next thing I knew, we were piling in the car and heading to Lulu. The silver lining in all of this is that this was the first time that I have ever gone to Lulu and didn't devour every scrap of food on my plate, and I limited myself to one sangria, and that CERTAINLY is the first time that has happened. Progress is progress, I suppose.


Speaking of progress, yesterday at work one of my friends announced that her sister had just had a baby, and I was surprised to find that I felt honestly happy for her as I congratulated her on being a new auntie. I still felt a bit like I had been kicked in the stomach, but I didn't want to curl up on the floor and weep. Instead, I let myself feel happy instead of dwelling on my own sadness. This is good. Maybe there is some sort of serenity on the other side...


Bert said...

Gorgeous new blog! All girlie and artsy. Very cool. And, as always, same interesting content. :)