Saturday, July 12, 2008

Festival Grace

Man, I love Milwaukee. One of the coolest things about Brew City is the awesome festivals that take place around the city each summer. Obviously Summerfest is the biggest and the best, but my favorites are actually the ethnic festivals. I'll take any excuse to eat ethnic food and drink exotic drinks, but it's also a lot of fun to listen to ethnic music and learn things about different cultures, and sometimes just the people-watching makes the trip worth it.

This summer, I decided early on that I wanted to attend as many festivals as possible, and I wanted to get Gracie involved. She LOVED Summerfest, and today, Aaron and I took her down to the city's French Festival, Bastille Days.

Bastille Days is one of the city's only (if not the only) festival that doesn't charge an admission fee, so it's always interesting to see the mix of people that come. Since today was such a beautiful summer day, tons of people turned out and it was so nice just strolling down the streets downtown, smelling all of the yummy food smells, listening to the sounds of various musical performances, tasting all of the scrumptious food (beignets...mmm), and watching the city come alive around us.

As we were sitting down in Cathedral Square eating our lunch, I told Grace that I was having a good time at the festival with her, and Grace said, "I love coming to these with you. It's so fun. I love to watch EVERYTHING." When I asked her if she wants to go to more festivals this summer, she exclaimed, "Oh yes! I love coming to festivals with my family." And at that moment, I fell in love with my child all over again.

Kid, you're gonna do well in this family.


Carrie said...

Sniff. It's those moments that make so many other things worthwhile, no? Today, despite many challenges, Nutmeg and I had a couple moments where I just thought, right now, we are connecting, and we are two people in love.

And those two moments probably saved me from chewing my ear off during the other 21,000 moments of the day.