Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Seven Things That Have Changed Since Having Baby #2

1. My boobs. Before, I had what I would classify as a pleasantly large, relatively perky rack. Now, I need an industrial strength bra to both support and contain the girls. Any perkiness that I previously enjoyed is long gone, and my LORD the girls are HUGE. This is not a good thing since my starting point was "pleasantly large".

2. My body's weight distribution. According to the scale, I weigh six pounds less than I did when I found out I was pregnant with Harrison. However, I don't see it--maybe I lost some weight in my feet or something. The "mama pouch" that replaced my midsection after having Grace has morphed into a gelatinous, stretch mark-laden blob. Not at all attractive. Also, I don't know that I will ever be able to get rid of my double chin and flappy old lady arms.

3. My bladder control. Imagine my surprise when Grace and I were chasing each other around the house recently and I had to stop suddenly lest I piddle all over the floor. Ditto for sneezing, coughing, or laughing too hard.

4. My tolerance for alcohol. One glass of wine is ok, but if I have any more than that, I'm either slurring my speech or snoring on the couch. Sometimes both.

5. My hair. My once lustrous, shiny hair is now lackluster and falling out at an alarming rate. Hence my decision to get the mess will follow soon after my appointment on Thursday.

6. My need for sleep. My new definition of a "full night's sleep" is five consecutive hours--I used to require at least eight hours in order to function. Now, as long as I get my five hours, I'm good to go. And, oddly enough, if I get too MUCH sleep, I'm a wreck...a few weeks ago, my parents took the kids for a night, and I got ten glorious hours of sleep. But, I ended up way more exhausted.

7. My perception of Grace's size. Before Harrison was born, Grace looked so small...she was my little baby girl. Suddenly, she is so big and sturdy! And she's so capable! I never imagined that a five-year-old was able to do so much stuff if her hovering mama would just let her try!