Thursday, February 12, 2009

Skipping V-Day

Aaron and I decided to skip Valentine's Day this year. A few months back, we scheduled ourselves to attend an all-day birthing class on V-Day so it's not like we would have tons of time for a whirlwind of romantic activities that day anyway, but the whole idea of Valentine's Day is making me a little nauseous this year. And it's not just the hormones...

First off, these jewelry stores have some real balls advertising their diamond V-Day jewelry "sales" with the economy being the way it is. My daughter watches maybe an hour of TV every day, and she knows that stupid "he went to Jared" tag line by heart because of their ubiquitous commercials. They drive me crazy. Does the average American family have an extra $700 to spend on a diamond tennis bracelet for Mommy? If the average family is anything like ours, the answer is no. And if you do have some extra cash hanging around, my thought is that you'd be better off throwing it at your mortgage or paying down your other debt instead of buying a piece of jewelry that's going to sit on a dresser 90% of the time anyway. I just don't understand the extravagance that is still being encouraged in these troubled times. Know what I'm sayin'?

And I'm tired of the notion that one specific day needs to be designated in order to express your undying love and devotion to your partner/spouse/significant other. It's like the fiancee preparing for her wedding day instead of preparing herself for her marriage. Yes, the day itself is nice, but what about the rest of your relationship? Why should we reserve the nice date nights and the chocolates and the "I love you's" for Valentine's Day? Aren't those things even MORE appreciated when they come for no reason at all, when it's not all forced and syrupy? Frankly, I'd rather have my husband bring me a bouquet of flowers he picked himself in the middle of summer instead of feeling forced to buy me a dozen overpriced roses on V-Day.

So, this year I proposed a skip on the whole V-Day noise--no flowers, no gifts, no fancy schmancy dinner out-- and Aaron seemed just fine with that. After all, we'll be spending the day preparing for the arrival of our son, and I really can't think of anything more romantic than that.


Anonymous said...

Agreed...on all levels. Doug and I don't celebrate the hallmark holidays but frequently have celebrations/date nights "just because". I told him if he ever comes home with one of those stupid gold roses, he should prepare to duck.

Amen sister on the wedding/marriage thing! So true. I find myself constantly criticized and made to feel that I'm not girly because I don't care to overwhelm myself with wedding ridiculousness. Sales people who are trying to sell you an expensive dress should not say, "Well, you're no fun," or roll their eyes at you. I'm ready to pull a Pretty Woman move on some of the snooty beo-tches.

Anonymous said...

Yay! Al and I have been skipping valentine's day ever since we started to date. Well, we may have celebrated the first couple of years, but after that, no freakin way.

Sara said...

Ha! The gold rose!! What a farce! I told Aaron pretty much the same thing. Seriously, what a stupid, stupid idea.

Carrie said...

Aw, preparing for your son IS the most romantic way to spend the day. I always used to mostly ignore Vday, but with the girls this year it was totally fun because it's so easy to get them excited. I made heart-shaped waffles (ok, that's the only shape our waffle maker makes), we went out for hamburgers and fries which for us is a special occasion. And then the girls and I made their Dady a dessert treat in some heart-shaped ramekins I have around.