Thursday, October 02, 2008

This Debate is Making Me Want to Pull My Hair Out

Either I am going to pull my hair out or lob my lap top at the TV. I've always been a huge Joe Biden fan so I have a bias here, but watching Sarah Palin at this debate is literally making me crazy.

How about actually answering the questions that are being asked instead of telling us what a "maverick" you are.


Get those bangs under control.

Wipe that contented, self righteous smile off your face. You probably think you look and sound smart. Guess don't.

Yes, Alaska is a big state. GEOGRAPHICALLY. As Aaron just reminded me, Alaska has a smaller population than the city of Milwaukee. Get over yourself.

I think it's so sad that Sarah Palin will be looked at as a success in this debate just because she didn't embarrass herself or her party. It was clear that she was coached on a set of talking points and she stuck to them. But I am left feeling like we deserve more than a set of talking points.

And Joe Biden kicked ass. Just my opinion.


Carrie said...

We had it on mute for most of it due to the Cubs being on the radio. It was annoying to watch all those little head shakes she does as she wraps up what she's saying. It's like she's giving herself an internal "You go girl!"

I was hoping I missed some huge embarrassing stumble by having it on mute. But no, sounds like she got through OK.

Angie said...

that's funny you mentioned the "nucular". I was screaming "it's NU-CLEAR you fucking idiot!" at the TV the whole time.

have you seen the tina fey SNL sketches? man...she is DEAD on hysterical.