Monday, August 11, 2008

He's Got a Green Thumb!

Behold, the first fruit (or veggie) of our very first garden:

When we planted our zucchini seeds, we were hoping for a couple of small zucchinis to make some zucchini bread or to sautée with some soy sauce. We never dreamed we'd be able to grow a behemoth like this guy!! So exciting! And, our tomato plants are starting to produce, as are our peas, beans, corn, and even our jalapeño plant. I had my first fresh pea out of our garden tonight, picked right off the plant, and it was as delicious as the peas I used to pick in my parents' garden when I was a kid. Good stuff!


Carrie said...

Good for you. This is making me kind of sad because the squirrels took all 11 tomatoes off my backyard plants. They were still green. :-(

So far the ones in front have not been touched, but the tomatoes on those are much earlier stage. I just sprayed the heck out of them with a stinky animal repellent. It's crazy, too, because there is a cat in our yard a good portion of the day. Hmph.

Anonymous said...

Gotta love a man with a large zucchini!

Our garden is going crazy, I'm anticipating a ton of hot peppers (serrano, chili, cherry, etc) so if you want some, let me know. Last year our habanero plant did the best, but habanero salsa is not a good idea. I needed LOTS of sangria to wash down the spicy.

Side note for Carrie: Do you have a fence around your garden? We chicken wire around it (very loosely, not at all a professional looking job) and it keeps bunnies & squirrels out. It's super cheap and our garden wouldn't survive without it.

Sara said...

We have a small fence around our garden as well, but we've been noticing that something has been nibbling on our stuff, so Aaron bought some chicken wire-type stuff and we're hoping that helps.