Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Child Prodigy

Tonight, Aaron, Grace, and I had dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Cafe Lulu, and while we were enjoying some tasty dessert at the ice cream shop across the street*, Grace decided she wanted to assume the role of Santa Claus for awhile. Here is how the conversation went:

Grace: What do you want for Christmas, Aarie?

Aaron: Hmmm...Mama. (He was trying to claw his way out of the doghouse.)

Grace: You can't have Mama for Christmas.

Aaron: Why?

Grace: Because mama is not a toy.

What an excellent answer!

This also makes me a little nervous that Gracie thinks that all of her Christmas presents are going to be toys. She may not be as excited as I am about the princess shirt I bought her at the Disney Store.

*I couldn't mention the ice cream shop without mentioning the heavenly eggnog ice cream that I enjoyed there. Mmmmmm...and I also love the fact that in their blurb about nutrition facts, they tell the guilt-ridden consumer that the ice cream is not fat free and if you want healthy, you should eat a carrot. My kind of peeps.