Sunday, November 11, 2007

I Heart Fall in Wisconsin

One of the best things about Fall in Wisconsin is...going to Badger games!!! Due to an extremely busy September and October, I was only able to attend one Badger football game with Aaron this year, and that game was yesterday. Aaron and I worked the game into a full day trip to Madison, and in addition to seeing a great football game, we saw a very entertaining play at the Broom Street Theatre and had some great German beer at the Essen Haus. It was a blast, and this was the only occasion that I can think of in which Aaron said, "I have a brat in my you want it?" and it wasn't a metaphor for anything. Pics from the game are below.

Brat the first:

Brat the second:

Aaron, thoroughly engrossed in the game:

Me, all bundled up:


Anonymous said...

What a horrible outcome of the MI-WI game. MI would have won if we had our starting QB and running back :-)

Sara said...

Lin-Wei??? Is that you?? ;-)

It was a great game!!

Bert said...
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Bert said...

Apparently, I cannot spell. Had to delete and repost this...

Aw. You two look so cute. I wish I lived close enough to Madison to jaunt over for the day. I love that town. :)

your bff said...

i went to a badger football game once. i wanted to slit my wrists the long way. cold benches and no booze? no thanks.